About us

About us

We specialize in strapping solutions for various industries such as packaging, building materials, consumer appliances, newspaper and other merchandises goods. We manufacture our strapping bands and stretch films and supplying strapping machines and tools.

An extensive knowledge, skill and experience in the strapping industry have allowed us to produce high quality customized products and cost effective solutions to meet our customer satisfaction.

About Us

Our strapping solutions can be customized to meet specific industry needs and to fit any strapping machine.For more than 30 years, we have maintained an outstanding reputation as a high quality and reliable strapping solution provider in packaging industry.
To complement our superior manufacturing, we implement a Quality Management System, certified by AGM according to Standard ISO 9001:2008, allowing us to offer our customers a higher level of consistent products.
We export since year 1996. On average, 40% of our production is exported to the foreign countries throughout the world such as Singapore, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Mauritius annually.
High Quality and Reliable Strapping Solution Provider. Your Best Choice for Cost Effective Strapping Solutions
  • More save, light weight, longer length, high tensile strength.
  • Quality production machine, processing quality strap, straight & consistent size.
  • ISO 9001 :2008 management system
  • Eco friendly, food safe, ecologically compatible.
  • Custom size to save cost and maximum tensile strength
  • Reduction of your packing cost
  • Respond quickly to market need
  • Made of 100% polypropylene material.